What are the Benefits of Using Steroids?

Steroids have long been associated with body building and improving the athleticism of athletes.             Its benefits lie on its ability to produce protein in skeletal muscles and cells.   Protein provides both bodybuilder and athlete the energy to push their bodies to higher levels of performance.

In the past steroids particularly the synthetic kind known as anabolic steroids were considered illegal. They were and are classified as a performance enhancement drug which has no place in sports.  They are also banned because when taken in large and regular doses they have dangerous side effects.  Identified side effects of steroids abuse are reduced sexual drive, impaired vision, sleeping difficulty, high blood pressure, increased body hair growth and others.

Steroids are used not only by people who want to   have muscular body or improve their competitiveness in sports.  Some people who have weight issues are experimenting with them and finding the results encouraging.  This is not surprising at all since protein provides energy for rigorous workouts and helps build muscles.  Steroids are also used as anti-inflammatory medicine, as a pain killer and to treat certain types of arthritis.  Know more about steroids in http://www.ehow.com/facts_4867619_common-types-steroids.html .

The rule on steroid use has relaxed somewhat.  In countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal, steroids are sold legally in pharmacies but under a doctor's prescription.  In Thailand and Mexico they are sold over the counter, no questions asked. 

In the US, importation of steroids is illegal and they can be manufactured within the country only by companies licensed by the government.  They can only be purchased with a doctor's prescription and used for the reason they were recommended. Possession of steroids not supported by a prescription or using them for a purpose not recommended by a doctor is penalized by law.

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